Impulses for entrepreneurs and enterprises

The success of an enterprise results from the total of the individual energies operating in the enterprise.

The findings of modern quantum physics can be applied to entrepreneurial success, too. Since the recent announcement that a well-respected and globally renowned business consulting firm has become a company in crisis, it is becoming evident that traditional consulting methods do not work (any more).

Similarly as in medicine, which usually only addresses the symptoms without dissolving the causes that lead to conflicts, enterprises rarely benefit from classical consulting.

Not until turnover and earnings have reached rock-bottom, individuals double their efforts to proceed in the same direction with redoubled force. Instead of focusing on the essentials, the symptoms of the enterprise are addressed and tried to be fixed. Often turnover and profits are the only factors considered. That “serving” is the cause and “deserving” is a natural consequence has not seemed to interest anybody for long.

When considering the success of an enterprise we can draw on some fundamental tenets of quantum physics.

Everything is vibration and energy. Energy is defined as “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical ... activity”.1 Thus, with a lot of energy available a lot of work can be done. With less energy this factor decreases considerably.

Energy concentrates where it is focused. This statement corresponds with the law of life – what you focus on grows.

Energy is never lost.

Energy once manifested cannot simply be dissolved.

Each and every form of energy can be trans~form~ed. Trans~form~ation occurs by adding external energy to an existing energy field. For example, water can be trans~form~ed into the state of steam by adding heat.

Every higher energy always wins.
Every lower energy dissolves into the higher energy.

1 See The New Oxford Dicitionary of English.
Applying these considerations to enterprises, an enterprise is solely vibration and energy. Then problems are vibration and energy, too.

Problems can never be solved at the level they have arisen. If these basic considerations of quantum physics are applied, a problem in the enterprise means, the energy level of the enterprise is currently too low. Otherwise the problem could not have arisen. By increasing the enterprise’s energy the problem-energy dissolves into the now higher energy.

In this respect the entrepreneur, the soul of the enterprise, which has been discussed less and less recently, is gaining major importance. Being its primary energy, he imbues the enterprise with life. And the staff (hopefully) support the entrepreneur’s vision. Ideally they strengthen the entrepreneur’s energy.

It is the total of the individual energies operating in the enterprise which determine its success. No more, no less.

Every biological system (human being, animal, plant, building, enterprise etc.) has got a field of consciousness containing all in~form~ation that has made the system what it is now.

According to the findings of quantum physics this field of consciousness can be reprogrammed with favored in~form~ation until the new in~form~ation will predominate in the field of consciousness, i.e. the higher energy wins. Compared with classical consulting the approach considering the energy of an enterprise goes much deeper. This includes incorporating the entrepreneur’s energy as the imbuing factor.

The goal is to recognize blocks and to in~form the entrepreneur’s and the enterprise’s fields of consciousness anew to get the energy of the enterprise going again.

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I wish you a wonder~ful and success~ful time!

Best wishes

Otto Josef Steib